Large Personalised 20 UK Chocolate Bar Variety Gift Box Hamper

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Large British Chocolate Selection Box with 20 different chocolate bars, from the UK's best brands!

Free personalisation makes it great for a gift for any occasion...Or just have it as a treat to yourself!

Our tasty chocolate assortment hamper is shipped in a Letterbox Friendly plain white gift box, with any personalisation on the inner lid, and then put in a non-branded waterproof mailing bag, in case it's a gift for someone in the household!

What’s included:

🍫 Kinder Bueno (43g)
🍫 Caramac (30g)
🍫 Cadbury Time Out Wafer Chocolate Bar (20.2g)
🍫 Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar (35g)
🍫 Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar (26.1g)
🍫 Cadbury Boost Chocolate Bar (31.5g)
🍫 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar (27.2g)
🍫 Cadbury Wispa Chocolate Bar (23.7g)
🍫 Cadbury Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar (21.5g)
🍫 Cadbury Chomp Bar (21g)
🍫 Rolo Chocolate (41.6g)
🍫 Milkybar White Chocolate Medium Bar (25g)
🍫 Mars Chocolate Bar (39.4g)
🍫 Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Bar (21.5g)
🍫 Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Chocolate Bar (18g)
🍫 Cadbury Fudge Bar (22g)
🍫 Toffee Crisp Milk Chocolate Bar (31g)
🍫 Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Bar (37.3g)
🍫 Aero Bubbly Milk Chocolate Bar (27g)
🍫 Kit Kat Chunky Milk Chocolate Bar (32g)

Please note that the chocolate bars are taken from multipacks and you will receive the above weights.

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